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Frequently Asked Questions


Q What sorts of payments do you accept?


Online, we take any Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit cards for payment as of now, all of which is done through PayPal. You will not be required to sign up for a PayPal account to do this, and you don't even have to sign into your existing account. Contact our team if you have any questions or concerns about these options. Locally, we accept credit card, cash, or check!

Q What is your "Love-Your-Wall" guarantee?


Easy: If you don't love your wall (or canvas print), we'll take it back! All we ask is that you cover shipping to have it sent back. That's it!

Q Are orders from international customers accepted?


You bet!


Q Who will ship my order?


USPS (United States Postal Service) will ship all domestic orders within the continental United States via Priority Mail, and FedEx will take care of international orders, as well as those to Alaska and Hawaii.

Q How will my orders be packaged?


Wall murals will be wrapped in a plastic tube and shipped in a cardboard tube. Canvas prints will be packaged in cardboard boxes.

Q Will I receive confirmation that my order has been shipped?


Yes, we will send out a confirmation email once your order has been shipped.


Q How much does it cost?


This will vary from material to material, and be aware of frequent sales occurring for online orders. Below is the regular price breakdown for each material. Stretched canvas prints are priced individually.

Q What size wall can Lifewall accomodate?


Wall accommodation varies according to our different services. If you order online, our interactive designer allows for walls up to 19 feet wide and 9 feet high. If you have a project larger than that, we can work one-on-one to get any size wall taken care of!

Q What sorts of materials do you use?


We specialize in two types of materials for our wall murals as of now. However, we also have access to a wide range of other materials, such as peel & stick vinyl, perforated window material, and more. Below are some snapshots of our most requested materials.

SickIt™ Repositionable Material:
- Made entirely of a polyester fabric, giving it the ability to hold color extremely well.
- Because it's a thin fabric, there's no worry of shrinking or curling.
- Designed for indoor and outdoor use, and on a wide variety of surfaces, including glass, wood, and even vehicles. In fact, we use it on the outside of our building and it works excellently!
- After use, it can be stored in its original packaging for up to a year.
- Recommended for clean, smooth surfaces and textured walls (not surfaces that are highly porous or fibrous).

Satin Canvas:
- Polyester/cotton blend (70%/30% respectively).
- Durable.
- Ideal for a classy, artsy look.
- Vibrantly displays colors.

Fabric-Backed Vinyl:
-Backed with thin fabric for easy removal and stretching prevention.
-Self-extinguishing technology - Exceeds U.S. flame & smoke requirements.
-Vibrantly holds color & especially detail.
-Requires paste for installation.

Eco Solvent Ink:
- UV-resistant (won't fade in sunlight).
- Waterproof.
- Environmentally friendly (no harmful fumes).

Q Can your material be cleaned?


Yes! With a warm, wet washcloth or sponge, simply wipe the material to clean. However, be careful to not rub aggressively or repeatedly, as this may damage the material.

Q Is my wall ready for installing canvas or wallpaper?


We recommend that all surfaces be clear of any fixtures or major holes and cracks, and that it be applied with a spackling component if necessary. For the ideal finish, a dried layer of paint will produce a great surface for any material.

Q Will you install my wallpaper or canvas?


Unfortunately, we do not install any wall material ourselves (aside from stretching canvas here in our shop) if you're out of our local area. However, we do have detailed instructions on how to apply each type of material, making it easy and fun to do so yourself. Also, a quick Google search should reveal installers right in your area. To begin, check out the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers, Inc. for a professional endorsed by them.

If you're more local, just ask for a quote when you order!

Q Do I have to worry about my wall being damaged when removing StickIt, canvas, or anything else?


Our repositionable StickIt material makes it easy to remove from your walls, without leaving any residue behind or damaging your walls. Additionally, paste for canvas wall application is available that comes easily off a wall when dry, making wallpaper installation and removal an easy, stress-free project for everyone. We're also looking into a fabric-backed vinyl that applies with paste but still removes without damaging your walls. If you're using anything else, just be sure to ask when you place your order.

Q Will you wrap or stretch my canvas prints?


For most, yes. We will stretch print sizes up to 40"x30" if it's going to be shipped. Prints larger than that will simply include the materials to do it yourself. Don't worry - it's easy! Locally, we'll print and stretch everything for you!


Q Is my image quality acceptable to upload?


Be sure to follow this basic principle when selecting photos to be used on your walls: Bigger = better. The higher resolution (number of pixels) of your image, the more crisp, clear, and sharp it will appear on the wall. To help you out a little more, minimum photo size recommendations are noted below. These recommendations are broad, and may not apply to every photo. If you question whether your photo is of good enough resolution, send us an email or note your concern in your order. We check over every single order before we print.

Recommended minimum photo sizes for smaller prints:
3,000 x 2,000 pixel (6 megapixel photo) for up to 20" x 13".
2,448 x 1632 pixels (4 megapixel photo) for up to 16" x 10".

Recommended minimum photo sizes for full backgrounds:
4,000 x 3,000 pixels (12 megapixel photo) for up to 11' x 8' walls.
12,000 x 3,500 pixels (panorama shot) for up to 25' by 9' walls.

Q Will I be able to approve of and confirm my orders after they're designed?


In order to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your designs before we ship them, you’ll be asked to approve your orders in a couple of ways, depending on the service. If you’re using our murals, canvas prints, or Lifewall, or Lifewall canvas design services, you’ll be asked to approve of your work before you submit your order. If your project is custom designed, we'll get approval either verbally or via email before moving forward.

Q Can I use my Facebook photos for wall murals or canvas prints?


Our interactive designer does allow you to use Facebook photos for your creations, but be aware of the quality of the images before doing so. We do not recommend using Facebook photos for full wall murals, because most of them are of lower quality. If you do wish to use them for murals, we suggest making a collage of photos (a Lifewall) so each individual pictures is not enlarged very much. For murals or canvas prints, we suspect that 24x16" is approximately the highest size that can be obtained without losing quality.

Q What if I don't have any images with high enough resolution for a wall mural?


We do have a library of select images for you to use, making it easier to design murals. However, until then, we recommend using Shutterstock to purchase your own high-res photo that you can use right on our website. You can purchase images individually, or sign up for a subscription.

Another option is Creative Commons, free for anyone to use for virtually anything, as long as proper recognition is given. Give us the link to the photo you find via CC, and we'll make sure it's properly noted.

Q Can I use any image I want?


The only limit to what you can design is your own creativity... or legal restraints. Because we wish to respect the full extent of the law, we ask that you make sure you have permission to use photos you upload before submitting.

Moreover, if you wish to request a particular image to use in your creation, we may be limited by copyright laws as well. This may apply to popular cartoon characters, logos, or other artwork for which we may simply lack the permission to use. Even so, we do have access to millions of other images we can rightfully use and resell under the law.

For more information on these limitations, feel free to check out our Terms of Use, and let us know if you have any questions.

Q What should the file format of my photos be?


Because our services are largely online, you’ll need all of your images to be in digital format. When using our interactive designer, we recommend using JPEG images for your uploads. When uploading your own artwork to create your own murals or large format prints, we simply suggest using the original version of the photo, edited if you like, and in whatever format you wish.

Q Will you take pictures for me to use?


Unfortunately, we do not offer any photography service, and so we will not go to your location to take any particular photo. We recommend finding a friend or business in the area with a high quality camera, and simply utilize their services. We are also not responsible for any charges they may incur for your business.